Welcome to keyk.it! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Since you're here I'm guessing you have some question. I hope the answers you seek can be found below. If not feel free to contact me on Discord. xor#4432

Question: What is keyk.it?
Answer: Well to put it simply we are a place that you can view all kinds of information on upcoming keycaps sets.

Question: Why did you make this?
Answer: Well to be honest because I like to make things, and this was something that I personally wanted to see and create. There are a lot of great keycap sets out there and sometimes I find it hard to keep track of. I found myself making a paper list and keeping it next to my computer just to remind me from time to time. So I decided to make life a little nicer and make this website.

Question: Who posts these key sets?
Answer: Well anyone is more than welcome to submit a keycap set that I missed or forgot etc... However only administrators will be able to approve them. We just don't want duplicate or incorrect entries. Along with that I personally try to hunt down what I can, from where I can and add them to our database for all to view.

Question: What do you get out of this?
Answer: Currently just the satisfaction of hopefully helping someone out there in our great keyboard community. I also get the added bonus of one less piece of paper on my desk that I have to keep track of.