A Little Information.


Alright, so this is the part of the website where I’m supposed to talk about keyk.it and stuff like that, but honestly, I’m not sure what to say.

I mean why I did this?

We’ll it’s simple really, I love keyboards, and keyboard related stuff. I collect keycaps and have a LOT of them. Some might even say too many, if such a thing exists. I also love data and seeing trends on /r/mm so this was just kind of a natural progression for me.

What is this?

We are a simply a site that displays data related to GMK keysets. We track things like release dates, costs of group buys and then do our best to track sales on /r/mm aftermarket.

How do you track sales?

Well there are a few ways we do this, firstly I have a bot that watches /r/mm and he gives site admins a nice list of confirmed trades to check out on r/mm that we can verify and add data to the database based on. We also would love for people who do sell things on to join us here and use add their own sales. (Note that all sales go into a moderation queue where our admins do their best to check the validity of the data being added.)

How do you know your data is perfect?

In short, we don’t while we try our best to validated or invalidate any added data I’m sure there are some data points that are invalid so be sure to take the that into account when using our data.

Can I Help? Yes, you absolutely can!

You can help by adding data to our database. If you’ve sold something add it here. Of if you want to add sales you find on r/mm do that here as well. You’re also welcome to add GMK sets that I’ve missed or not added yet, just make sure they are either in the group buy phase or later.

Do you get paid for this?

No I do this all on my own time as something that I simply enjoy, but I wanted to share it with the community that has been so awesome.